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Sixth Day in Cairo – Oday Aboushi

Sunday, March 6th, 2016

Day 6 in Cairo – Oday Aboushi

Today was our sixth and final full day in Cairo, Egypt. After a quick breakfast at the hotel, we headed out to Cairo’s newly renovated olympic stadium where we got to hang out and play with the kids from the orphanage. They were great kids and we had a lot of fun showing them the game of American football. After that we held an EFAF all-star combine for players who came out to our camps the past two days. We timed them on their 40’s and on shuttle runs to start out. Then we moved on to more position specific drills and coaching. It’s amazing what a big difference basic fundamentals and instructions can do for players with limited experience.
To end the day, we played an offense vs. defense style of competition. The players fought hard, but defense came out on top with a big fumble recovery for a touchdown to end the game in dramatic fashion. Gotta say, all the players from the EFAF really impressed us out there.
Can’t believe this is our last night here! We are all so appreciative for the great hospitality we’ve received from the Egyptian people. Thank you to all who helped with the camps and with the charities. Cairo, it’s been real! We’ll still be posting all the footage and photos we took from the trip on all our social media sites so keep looking out for that. Thanks everybody!
– Oday

Fifth Day in Cairo – Erik Lorig

Friday, March 4th, 2016

Day 5 Cairo, Egypt – Lorig

How’s it going AFWB fans! This is Erik Lorig coming to you from Cairo. We’re past the midway point of our trip already! It goes by fast when you have plenty to do and you’re enjoying it all. Today was another big day of camp sessions. The players of the EFAF came back to Cairo American College to hone their skills some more. Weather was perfect again. And these guys were putting in the work, truly trying to get better at every aspect of the game.
There really is some raw talent out here, but they’ve had no formal coaching before so we had our work cut out for us. They made some mistakes and missteps, but they had enthusiasm and the drive to improve which is all you can ask for. Scrimmaging at the end showed us who the stars were out there. We’ll be bringing a few of the players with us tomorrow to work them out and test their potential a little further.
Back on the bus now, about to regroup at the hotel. Get ready to see some solid camp footage on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram in the next few days. Drone footage of the camp was on point. Thanks for all the love from our fans and followers!
– Erik
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Fourth Day in Cairo – Cameron Brothers

Friday, March 4th, 2016

Day 4 – Jordan and Colby Cameron

Cameron bros here! Thursday in Cairo. Another great day for football. Sunny and 75. Today was the first inaugural AFWB Egypt camp. The Cairo American College was generous enough to host us today and tomorrow. These kids showed a lot of enthusiasm and potential out there. We ran some agility and position drills with them to show ’em how it’s done.
In the second session, the players padded up and got some form tackling and blocking lessons along with more position specific help. We capped the day off with some light scrimmaging. They made some big plays out there that got all of us hyped up. Definitely impressed by the size and speed of some of these players. Overall day 1 was a big success and once again everyone from AFWB thanks the CAC along with the EFAF for all their help!
Our day didn’t end there though. We got to go to Ahmed Awadallah’s (one of AFWB’s founding members) sister Sarah’s wedding back at the JW. We got to dance a little, eat a little. And had a great time, congrats Sara and Tamir!
Keep checking in on us, more posts to come. Camp 2 starts mid day tomorrow so check Twitter and Instagram for more pics and videos!
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Third Day in Cairo – Lynch

Thursday, March 3rd, 2016

Third Day in Cairo – Marshawn Lynch

Q: Marshawn, how do you like the trip to Egypt?
A: Man, I’m just here for the kids. But I’m thankful.
Hey what’s up everybody, it’s Marshawn. Day three out here in Cairo, Egypt with AFWB. It’s been another awesome day. To start off we went to the Cairo American College and spent some time with students and teachers there. Got in some real intense games of four square. The school itself had some great facilities and staff. We’re extremely grateful to them for letting us use their field for our first day of camp tomorrow. Shout out to CAC!
Next stop was the Children’s Cancer Hospital, one the premier cancer hospitals in the Middle East. We went through the hospital to give out presents and meet the kids. It was tough to see how tired and exhausted some of the kids were from their chemo, but they could still smile which was enough for us. We ended the visit with a dance party with the President of the Hospital in the auditorium. That Egyptian music gets you going!
Finished the day with some traditional Egyptian Fatir at a great hole in the wall. Tomorrow’s a big day so stay tuned for some more updates and pictures!

Second Day in Cairo – Williams

Tuesday, March 1st, 2016

Hey everybody, DeAngelo Williams here. Day 2 Cairo, Egypt. AFWB. Having a great time in this city so far. We got to eat lunch at the highest point in the city in the Cairo Tower to start the day. Not sure about that ride up though. 7 NFL players weren’t meant to fit in one elevator! But that view was worth it. Couldn’t quite see the pyramids, but you could see just about everything else.

After lunch, we went to the Egyptian Museum to check out all the crazy treasures found in the pyramids and throughout Egypt. Can’t believe how many amazing artifacts they have in that place! (No Pictures Allowed Though!)

Our tour guides and the Egyptian people have been so great to us everywhere we go. Traffic gets crazy though on the roads. Never seen anything like it! You gotta be brave to drive these streets.

But now it’s time for a nap and a late dinner. Gotta be ready for these upcoming camps and charity events! See you later football fans, keep checking here for more blog posts, and on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram for more updates on our awesome trip!

– DeAngelo Williams, 34

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