Fifth Day in Cairo – Erik Lorig

March 4th, 2016

Day 5 Cairo, Egypt – Lorig

How’s it going AFWB fans! This is Erik Lorig coming to you from Cairo. We’re past the midway point of our trip already! It goes by fast when you have plenty to do and you’re enjoying it all. Today was another big day of camp sessions. The players of the EFAF came back to Cairo American College to hone their skills some more. Weather was perfect again. And these guys were putting in the work, truly trying to get better at every aspect of the game.
There really is some raw talent out here, but they’ve had no formal coaching before so we had our work cut out for us. They made some mistakes and missteps, but they had enthusiasm and the drive to improve which is all you can ask for. Scrimmaging at the end showed us who the stars were out there. We’ll be bringing a few of the players with us tomorrow to work them out and test their potential a little further.
Back on the bus now, about to regroup at the hotel. Get ready to see some solid camp footage on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram in the next few days. Drone footage of the camp was on point. Thanks for all the love from our fans and followers!
– Erik
IMG_1260 IMG_1264

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