Sixth Day in Cairo – Oday Aboushi

March 6th, 2016

Day 6 in Cairo – Oday Aboushi

Today was our sixth and final full day in Cairo, Egypt. After a quick breakfast at the hotel, we headed out to Cairo’s newly renovated olympic stadium where we got to hang out and play with the kids from the orphanage. They were great kids and we had a lot of fun showing them the game of American football. After that we held an EFAF all-star combine for players who came out to our camps the past two days. We timed them on their 40’s and on shuttle runs to start out. Then we moved on to more position specific drills and coaching. It’s amazing what a big difference basic fundamentals and instructions can do for players with limited experience.
To end the day, we played an offense vs. defense style of competition. The players fought hard, but defense came out on top with a big fumble recovery for a touchdown to end the game in dramatic fashion. Gotta say, all the players from the EFAF really impressed us out there.
Can’t believe this is our last night here! We are all so appreciative for the great hospitality we’ve received from the Egyptian people. Thank you to all who helped with the camps and with the charities. Cairo, it’s been real! We’ll still be posting all the footage and photos we took from the trip on all our social media sites so keep looking out for that. Thanks everybody!
– Oday

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